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You know what you've created is why aren't your results showing it? 

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...You dread the thought of writing another email that seems to fall on deaf ears. 

...You have a ton of amazing content, but don't understand why it's not converting into sales.

...Or perhaps you are already gaining traction in your biz, but know you can get more out of it?

Then you will need what I'm going to show you...


Done in a Day Marketing Intensives

For Coaches, Course Creators, and Small Businesses.

The most successful online businesses start with a great content marketing plan. These businesses all have a lead-generating freebie, a highly-nurtured email list, and an ads strategy that fills their subscriber bucket consistently.


Discover how to have a content strategy for your business with style and expertise with my Done in a Day Marketing Intensives.

What if I told you that it's possible to see your business grow in ONE day?

Yes, it's possible! I know your content is already amazing, but there's something holding you back from the success you imagined.


To figure it out you've probably already  spent loads of money and hours pouring over every DIY course available, only to spin your wheels when it comes to putting your plan into action. If you're anything like me, you're having trouble pulling out of 'creation mode' than you'd care to admit.


Before you say, ‘a content strategy in ONE Day? That's Impossible!”... hear me out.


Through my Done in a Day Marketing Intensive format, I have discovered how entrepreneurs like you can now carry out a content marketing strategy that is automated and flows like honey.


It took me years to refine this process, but I finally did it.

My secret?

My Done in a Day Marketing Intensive which allows YOU to take advantage of my years of experience in marketing strategy as well as incorporating a streamlined process that's proven to work. I've figured out the tech, all you have to do is show up with your amazing content! 


So if you're ready to...

  • Feel momentum and excitement build in your online business, knowing your content is it's working while you sleep...

  • Optimize on all the beautiful content you've already made to grow your email list...

  • Get beyond 'creation-mode' and move into seeing some real action...

  • Turn those leads into sales...

  • And get all this DONE like, Yesterday...

...You're in the right place!

Let me show you how it works...

Step 1

Book A Day

Click "Book Now" to choose a day that you'll be available for collaboration and far enough out that you'll be able to gather your content! Save your date with a 50% deposit.


Step 2

You'll receive a Welcome Email with a bit of pre-work, as well as a link to schedule your Pre-Intensive Strategy Call. On our call together, we'll discuss your priorities, and decide together exactly what I'll complete for you during our day together.

Day of Intensive

Step 3

Your Marketing Intensive Day is here! I'll kickoff our day together with a quick chat and I'll be diving into your work. You'll hear from if I have questions or requests to approve finished work. This day is all about focusing on YOUR business and getting the work DONE!


Step 4

After our day together, you'll receive support for any changes you need on the projects I worked on for you. If you choose to run an ads campaign, you'll receive an additional 3 weeks support for management and optimizing.

Amanda Consultation.jpg

Hello! My Name is Amanda...

...I'm here to serve you and your business.​

When you book a Done in a Day Marketing Intensive with me, you don't just get your content marketing strategy done, you also get the best of me!

I am personally invested in my client's success because I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed and stuck in the content creation cycle. I want to help you see growth in your followers, email list, leads, and ultimately sales.

I have over 20 years experience helping businesses both small and large sell their products and services.

Not only have I spent over 4 years specifically working with Online Entrepreneurs, I've also completed many of the online courses you've heard of...from Amy Porterfield (List Builders Society), James Wedmore (Business by Design), and Donald Miller (StoryBrand) just to name a few.

I have experienced the ups and downs of implementing great content strategies, and I incorporate all the years of experience in my Marketing Intensives.

When you book a day with me, you get access to my tried-and-tested strategies that I've used to build my business as well as my client's.

You are also hiring an experienced marketer for a FULL DAY of work. There's no other clients knocking on my door, or other tasks that pull me away from being focused on YOU and your priority list.

If you are ready to book a day with me, please click Book Now!

What my clients say...

In Rhonda's 2-Day Marketing Intensive, I completed:

  • 15-page re-work of her Divorce Starter Kit

  • 20 page Client Workbook

  • Rack Collateral

  • Graphics for her new App

  • Plus various other graphics that needed updated due to a recent rebrand.

Amanda is very talented. She understands the strategy behind her work. She is trustworthy, hard working and conscious of the impact her services have on my business.

Rhonda Noordyk, The Women's Financial Wellness Center

Thanks to YOU! I am really thankful for your edits and setting up the entire funnel so I could do the work (and homeschool, too!). Can't wait to dive into Day 2 with you.

Alison Ellis, Real Flower Business

In Alison's 1-Day Marketing Intensive, I completed:

  • Complete refresh of her 6-email Welcome sequence

  • Refresh of landing page to optimize on data gathered

  • Setup and launch of Aweber email campaign

Keyboard and Mouse

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you get my work done?

This depends! I’m unable to guarantee results for legal reasons - I can’t predict what you’ll do with your marketing strategy! I can say this though - over the past few years I’ve had so many success stories that you can see on this page. In general, it is not uncommon for most clients to get results quickly.

One of the beautiful things about working in a Day Rate format is that I’m able to get so much work done for you because I’m laser-focused on your project for your day. I don’t answer other client calls or inquiries, and I spend as little time away from my desk as possible. I focus on you, your projects, and your success.

How much time do I need for this?

A little progress each day leads to big results. If you have already worked out the details of your offer as well as defined a clear niche and Ideal client, then you are golden!


I will send you a short workbook with targeted questions that will get to the heart of your offer and also will tell me how best to serve you in the day you book with me.

What if I’m unhappy? Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Because of the nature of my service, I cannot refund your deposit. I do ask that you pay a 50% deposit at the time of booking, and the remainder is due the day of your intensive. If you need to reschedule your intensive, you may do that with a 7-day notice. You may use your deposit to hold another date at the rate you booked anytime within 1 year.

Could you summarize everything that I’ll be getting in my Marketing Intensive?

Sure! I’ve designed the Done in a Day Marketing Intensive to cover all the bases to make sure I complete as much work as possible for you. Included with your booking is:

  • A 45-Minute Strategy Call

  • Up to 8 hours work dedicated to only your projects.

  • Access to your own unique client portal for documents and tutorials.

  • 1 hour post-intensive support (to be used within 30 days of Intensive)

  • A sense of accomplishment and pride as you sell your products and services because your work is done professionally and quickly.

What kind of support can I expect to get?

I pride myself in providing the best support possible for all my customers. If you need support within 30 days of our intensive, email me with your questions at I am just an email away!

For my clients that choose to book a day to launch Facebook Ads, you’ll receive an additional 3 weeks of management and reporting so that your ads are optimized and getting the results you desire.

Get Started Now

I hold only a few spots each month for my Done in a Day Marketing Intensives.

Book your day now to get your marketing DONE so that YOU can do what you do best in your business!

Your Investment:


(Introductory Rate Only)


Is a Marketing Intensive Right For You?

A Done in a Day Marketing Intensive is for you if…


  • You already have amazing content, you just need professional help to get it implemented.

  • You’ve tried all the DIY courses and you’re still not seeing the results you want. It’s not really your fault, those courses do work, but they always come with more work than expected and it’s easy to get left behind in the fast-paced hustle of large groups…. 

  • If you’re tired of jumping from solution to solution and still finding yourself in stuck content-creation mode and are ready to move on!

  • You believe that hiring a professional to do work for you is the only way to move forward in your business. This is a key believe you need to have if you want your business to grow, because time is money… and money is time. I give you back your time.

This is Not For You If…


  • You are someone who's ready to do what it takes to get results. I only serve online entrepreneurs who are action-takers, and who can make quick decisions.

  • You’re just starting out and have not created any content.

  • You expect to get instant results without putting in work. Results don’t magically happen without putting in some of your own work. I can say this with 100% confidence because I know that the fastest and most effective way to see success in your marketing is to be authentic and real with your Ideal Customers.


And you may find this very interesting: I’ve had story after story of customers who managed to gain success in record time… BUT they all have ONE common denominator- ALL of them had an “I’m all in” mindset and were willing to help themselves. :-)

If you're still not sure... Please schedule a Clarity Call with me! We'll chat about your struggles and have an honest conversation about how I can help you.


What can actually be Done in a Day?

Every client I've worked with has had their own set of needs when it comes to their content marketing.


Here are some ideas of what I can accomplish in ONE day. My Done in a Day Intensives are not limited to only one day, so if you need any variety of solutions I can be booked for multiple days.

>>It’s important to note that when you book me for a Done in a Day Marketing Intensive, you’re booking me for ONE DAY and not a set of deliverables. I’ve worked hard for many years perfecting my skills in each of these tasks, and my approach to completing them allows us to get the most out of our time together for maximum results.<<








Welcome Email Sequences

Launch Email Automations



Ads Campaigns

Conversion Campaigns

Audience Research

Business Manager Setup

Campaign Testing and Management

Other Projects

Online Course Setup

Organic Social Media Posts

Collateral updates

Don't see what your looking for? Schedule a Clarity Call and let's chat!

This Could Change Your Business, and Your Life

Book Your Day Today!

I hold only a few spots each month for my Done in a Day Marketing Intensives.

Book your day now to get your marketing DONE so that YOU can do what you do best in your business!

Your Investment:


(Introductory Rate Only Available for a Short Time!)


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