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Empowering Small Businesses, Online Service Providers, and Entrepreneurs to get more leads, followers, and sales.


We help you Use Social Media Effectively

When you know that you have to use social media to communicate with your customers, gain leads and sales, and grow your business - but you're dreading the idea of making posts and figuring out how all the different platforms work.

As a coach, consultant, or online service provider, do you feel lost in the crowd when it comes to marketing your business on social media?

Do you struggle with finding the time to schedule your social media?

Do you often find yourself at a loss for words, or frustrated with understanding complicated online marketing strategies that over promise leads, sales, and growth?

Are you ready to set your new course or membership on fire with a paid ad campaign that produces the results you desire?

You can accomplish all of this and more... hang around for a bit, and I'll show you how!

You CAN create and manage a Social Media Marketing plan to grow your business.

It's a fact: a marketing plan that includes social media is critical in getting your business more traffic, followers, subscribers, and sales.

Consistency is key, and developing a strategy and plan around your brand gets you results when implemented in a meaningful and creative way.


Scale your event, online course or membership, or business with Facebook and Instagram Advertising

When there's momentum in your organic strategy, scaling your business up takes priority. If you're ready for a steady flow of traffic to your website, more subscribers to your email list, or every seat in your event filled, you're ready for a paid advertising campaign.


About MomentumUp Marketing

I help coaches, online service providers, and small businesses that want to use Social Media to get more leads, clients, and sales.

Marketing your services on Social Media doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming, because we simplify and organize for you! Unlike most social media agencies, I give you the tools you need to promote your business without the overwhelm.

We offer solutions for the business owner at every stage in their marketing needs. For the solo-preneuer who needs to save time and money and also produce content on their own, to the business owner who's ready to take the social media tasks completely off their plate and delegate. I have a solution that is easy for you.


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