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A boutique social media ads agency for ambitious coaches, consultants, and course creators who want expert campaign ad strategy and management with a personal touch to see next-level results in their sales and launches.



My name is Amanda, Owner and Ads Strategist at MomentumUp Marketing.

I am passionate about serving coaches, consultants, course creators, and small businesses. I love this work and believe that YOU have a fantastic offer just waiting to be discovered by thousands.

My goal with every client is to provide the personal touch and superior service they need to launch successful ad campaigns to build their influence, get more clicks, and make more sales.

If you're looking to leverage the power of Facebook® and Instagram® advertising to launch your next offer, then book a call, and let's have a chat!

My Services


VIP Ads Day

My signature VIP Ads Day will have your ad campaign up and running in one day. You'll be running smoothly with all the iOS tracking updates, pixels installed in your funnel, honed in on your audience, and time on your hands. I take care of the campaign, while you watch the conversions roll in.

Concierge Ads Management

If you want expert eyes on your campaign on a daily basis, with high-level strategy and concierge 1:1 management, this is for you. My Concierge Ads Management is a full-service Facebook® and Instagram® Ad Management for your next online course or program launch.

Ready for Ads?

Are you looking to hire an ads manager who considers your unique business model and your launch methods and then tailors your ad campaigns to fit how you run your launches? 

A great ads manager will take the stress off your shoulders, find ways to improve your funnels, and streamline your sales processes - and leverage ads to make more sales.


MomentumUp is not a big corporation trying to get your money. I run my business with a small team in order to provide the unique and high-touch services you deserve. I am deeply invested in my clients' success!

IMAGINE IF... you skip the month's long learning curve you'll experience when buying another ads course and start getting a return on your investment within days, not months.

IMAGINE IF... your ads strategy consistently made sales AND exponentially grew your know, like, and trust factor at the same time. 

IMAGINE HAVING RESULTS LIKE... leads in your inbox, webinars overflowing with attendees, and setting new sales records in your launch.

All of this is possible when you leverage the power of social media advertising in your business.

I'm here to help you see results with campaigns that match your goals, budget, and strategy. I get the work DONE professionally and quickly so that your business grows.

What my clients say...

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