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I work with online course creators to launch Facebook and Instagram Ads that grow their launch list, max out their webinar attendees, and get more sales!


I'm so glad you're here!

My name is Amanda and I help online course creators and coaches who are already making an impact in their work, and are ready to see the results they had dreamed of by incorporating Ads into their strategy.


I am passionate about helping entrepreneurs like you get the most out of their Social Media Ads Campaigns. I believe you have an offer that can impact the world and that adding a solid ads strategy to the mix will launch your business to the next level.


I would love to work together and show your audience just how amazing your online courses and services are.


Facebook and Instagram Ads Campaign Management

IMAGINE IF... you skip the HUGE learning curve in launching your Facebook and Instagram Ads and start getting a return on your investment within DAYS, not months.

IMAGINE IF... you felt confident knowing HOW and WHERE your Ads budget is spent?

IMAGINE HAVING...  leads in your inbox, webinars and challenges overflowing with attendees, and setting records with growth in your online business.

All of this is possible for you! I'm here to launch your Ads Campaigns professionally and quickly, so that your business grows.


My Services:

Done-With-You Campaigns

Create your Ad Graphic and copy, and I'll walk you through step-by-step to launch your campaign!

Full-Service Ads Management

FB/IG Campaigns

Pixel Installation

Audience Targeting

Graphic Design


Management and Strategy

Marketing Intensives

Landing Page Design

Welcome Email Sequence



Launch Strategy


How I Work

Your investment for a Marketing Intensive or Ads Campaign start at a range between $500-$2000, depending on the services you need. For more detail, schedule a Clarity Call and we'll discuss the best service for you.

Step 1:

Schedule a Clarity Call, and we'll hone in on the service level that fits your goals.

Step 2:

Once booked, fill out a short questionnaire and schedule a Strategy Session with me.

Step 3:

I'll Launch your Campaign, and you get results.

It's that easy!

If you're launching within the next 3 months and your email list is looking meager, you'll need my help STAT! Book your place on my calendar now!

Portfolio and Client Work

Social Media Graphics

Amanda is very talented. She understands the strategy behind her work. She is trustworthy, hard working and conscious of the impact her services have on my business.

Rhonda Noordyk, The Women's Financial Wellness Center

Thanks to YOU! I am really thankful for your edits and setting up the entire funnel so I could do the work (and homeschool, too!). Can't wait to dive into Day 2 with you.

Alison Ellis, Real Flower Business

Email Marketing
Facebook Ads

Just wanted to let you know I had 40+ subscribers in the last day two days. And I saw my ad on Instagram in the stories! I am really glad to have your help!

Alison Ellis, Real Flower Business

Are you ready to book your Ads Campaign?

YES! I'm ready to use Facebook and Instagram to launch my courses, build my email list, and make more sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Could you summarize what's included in the Ads Campaign Mangement?


If you are ready to launch your Facebook Ad Campaign for your business, our Ads service provides clear and organized strategy for optimizing your return on your ad spend. Included:

  • Consultation and Strategy Plan

  • Business Manager setup

  • Pixel Installation

  • Audience Targeting

  • Image Creation

  • Copywriting

  • Management (4 Weeks)

  • Weekly Reporting & Debrief (4 weeks)

  • Personal Support available through Voxer

  • Video training included


Q: What exactly is a Marketing Intensive?


I’ve designed these Marketing Intensives to help with your sales funnel process, because there's always more to an Ads Campaign than the Ad itself. I book my Marketing Intensives cover all the marketing tasks that you may need to be done.

Included with your booking is:

  • A 45-Minute Strategy Call

  • Up to 8 hours work dedicated to only your projects.

  • Access to your own unique client portal for documents and tutorials.

  • 1 hour post-intensive support (to be used within 30 days of Intensive)

  • A sense of accomplishment and pride as you sell your products and services because your work is done professionally and quickly.

Q: How much work do you actually get done in a day?

In this format, I am able to focus solely on YOUR projects, without distraction of other clients. I ask that you be readily available the day of our Marketing Intensive, so that I can have fast turn-around on approvals. 

Sometimes unforeseen tech issues happen, or there's more projects that you think of that you'd like completed. In this case, you can choose to add on an additional Full-Day or Half-Day to your Intensive at my Day Rate.

Q: It looks like there's homework. How much work will I need to do?


Don't worry! The pre-intensive "homework" is easy to complete, as I walk you through the exact information I'll need.  Keep in mind the more thorough you are in the homework questionnaire, the more you'll get out of your Marketing Intensive day.

Partners and Certifications







Do you prefer to have more control over your Ad campaigns, and just need help getting started?

Now offering a Done-With-You Option

Book an Ads Power Session and we'll get you up and running.


Before booking the Ads Power Session, you'll need:

  • An Ad Account setup

  • A Pixel currently running & setup on your website and/or sales pages

  • An offer that's ready to launch

  • Ad Graphics/Video & Copy done


We'll meet via Zoom, you'll show your screen and I'll walk you through setting up your Campaign. This includes:

  • Audience Targeting

  • Campaign structure setup for optimization

  • Create Ad Sets

  • Ads setup

  • Reporting setup


This is the fastest way to get started with a campaign, while having the assurance that it's setup and optimized correctly.

NEW! 60-Minute Clear Marketing Consultation

Need help but don't need a full Marketing Intensive? Let's connect over a zoom call and work together to address any marketing question you have. Whether it's optimizing your email funnel, or checking up on your Facebook Ads performance, I can help.


Clear Marketing Intensives are a deep dive into your existing marketing strategy. This is a paid session, and can be directly applied to a Full-Day Marketing Intensive or Ads Campaign booking. Only 2 Spots Available this month, so book quickly*

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